Monday, November 30, 2009


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NEw Marking period #2

1. What went really well for you this past marking period? What was your greatest success--or your most successful strategy? Why? What will you do to continue your success in MP#2?
I felt that what went really well for me then what i had hoped was my themes. I feel that last year i did not try hard enough and i sort of slacked off on my themes. this year i have been getting decent grade on my themes and feel like my writing has improved because i being careful with the extra details, and adding and proofreading. I would not say I had a greatest success with something because that means i did an assignment perfectly without a mistake but i feel i can be proud of my writing because the fact that it is improving.

2. Looking back over MP#1, what do you think you could have done differently? Was a it a project, assignment, or something more general? What will you change in MP#2 to make sure you don't make the same mistake or display the same behavior twice?

I feel that in marking period one i could do something differently would most defiantly be the group project we assigned. In the beginning everyone was thinking of the new alternative ending of the story and making it all work out, Then we had some group disputes because some of the group members wanted to change the idea. I feel that it was a hard project assignment because we are working in a group but because of the new technology we were working with. I feel that it was still my fault not contacting with the group members and not attributing much to the project as i would have liked. I feel next time if there is a group project i will try to plan ahead next time.

3. Take some time and set some goals for MP#2. What do you hope to achive between now and the end of January? Divide you goals into 3 categories: English Class, School in General, and Other. List them below, and for each one create a mini-plan for how you plan to achieve them.

My goals for january are just to finish my college apps before december because i need to write maybe 2~3 more essays. I plan to stay on task on my writing and themes for this year in english and try to be a better writer.