Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AN UNWAnted Gift??^^

An Unwanted Gift?
Have you ever received a gift you never wanted or asked for? Tell me about the situation. What was it? Who gave it to you? How did you handle it?

One time i got a gift from my friend and she got my a labrador calender for my birthday. Of course she had a yellow lab and her dog rupert was brand new. I never told her i wanted a calender for my birthday and she got me one the next year too because she noticed that I didn't like the labrador calender as much as she did so she got me a calender with a multiple f dogs. She actually bought it online and had it mailed to her house and she even opened the gift before she gave it to me. I was kinda surprised like why are you opening my fricken gift like its my birthday. then my friends dog died from a car accident and she asked me if she could keep the labrador pictures from the calender. We were so different as friends that made us drift apart because we only became friends because of our brothers were friends and born in the same hospital.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what object am i?????

I think i view my self as a deck of cards. I think there are different personalities to me and i like to take chances in life. I like many different things and have different culture backgrounds. I am a korean american so i was raised differently then ow my parents were raised. I think everyone is different and i am different individual as well.I think since there are 52 cards in a deck i can be viewed differently to each any every different person.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Do I Want to Become?

I want to become a person that could be there for children. I want to get to know children and have a relationship with them that is special. I want to be a person that is fair and gives chances. The person i do not want to be is a teacher that yells at there students and tries to prove them wrong. I had teachers in the past that were not very nice or just not very fair. I think teachers should be fair but still should give students more chances. I believe a teacher can't do this then they can't be a very good teacher and pretty much end up not having communication with that student. I think teachers should build friendships with their students and communication so they can understand each and every individual so that everyone feels special and part of the class. I believe it doesn't really matter on what age the student is but the special relationship you have with that child. In my oppinion it is hard to have realtionships with children that are at younger age because it is harder to relate and harder to talk to. Even though it maybe hard teachers should find out their likes and dislikes to have conversations with the child because everyone is different. I want to become a teacher that is there for children not only to help them learn but to change there life by having a special relationship with each and every student. Then when the student's go to high school or college i want to hear things like remember teacher so and so... I want to be remembered as the fair teacher that helped the students learn but not just any learning but things they could remember the rest of their lives.

Who I am

I define myself as a person that is outgoing and talks well with others. I can make people laugh and make small jokes and start small conversations. I do not like to be shy because it is just not who i am. I am not a person who is a fast learner but I am always willing to learn if i have the opportunity. I have interest in traveling because I really want to go around the world someday and explore new cultures, whether it maybe music, fashion, food, or anything that is unique to me. I have very big interest in classical and jazz music that deals with playing the piano.In my younger years I would be interested in piano and i always participated in recitals every year. Ones time i had a recital coming up but i did not practice at all. It was a few days till the recital was coming up and i did not know how to play my pieces perfectly at all. I thought to myself if i don't know how to play these two pieces wont i make a fool out of my self. So i practices hard for about 2 or 3 days and got the pieces down. The recital day finally came and played my pieces and make made 1 or 2 mistakes. The point of this story is not because i made only one or two mistakes but the fact that i need to realize to do things that are important or ahead of time or i will get no where. I thought this was important to me finishing a task or something important makes yourealized you actually done something not only because it needed to be done but actually finishing something and being proud that you are done.