Wednesday, February 24, 2010

R.A.F.T. #1

Motorcycle Diaries...
Is it about a man on a motorcycle
Does he travel by bike?
How does he get money or food?
How is a making his living?
Ernesto Guevara
age 23 and ready to explore
Going on a Journey
Leading to different places in South America
meeting new people and seeing the as you go ad
Initially going by Motorcycle
Transforming my observations of the life of the impoverished
THis road i travel presents a picture of the Latin American Identity
It is being more revealed as I take a look at their culture
THrough the characters I encounter I learn injustices of the impoverished faces
The people are exposed as if they never have encountered in their hometown
The trip overall exposed me to the Latin American Identity
I am thinking of the future and realize I am still writing but for who?
My daughter?
The people I have met?
I do not really know but what I do know is...
this diary is going to leave belonging
A sense of indentity and experience written by another soul

Monday, February 22, 2010

Independent Reading Book

1. What's it called and who wrote it? Genre? What's your book about?

2. How does your book connect one of your passions to a possible career?

3. And finally, what kind of project(s) might your book lend itself to.

If possible, find an image of your book's cover and include it as well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ROad Trip:D

If I were to go on a trip dealing with 8 to 10 destinations I would go around Europe because I wanted to explore the different cultures. I would also like to go to the Caribbean's because of all the different beaches and the variety of fresh fruit. I thinking going to the carribeans would be a more of a peaceful trip to go and get away from everything. I think I would want to go to Europe and go shopping and do multiple things to get around and just go with the flow. I would want to go to fashion shows and just walk on the streets like Newyork and shop and look around. I Would also like to go to the Eifel tower, and london to see alot of different sights.