Friday, October 23, 2009

THE Complete end to GATSbyyy~~~

The Great Gatsby

I believe the book is called the Great Gatsby because it is about how Gatsby died and how he was mysterious all his life. I feel that no one really knew who Gatsby was as a person and well no one will ever really know. Gatsby’s life changed ever since he saw Cody the rich man on the Yacht. Gatsby has different intentions for his very own life. After seeing the boat he felt he wanted to change his life and life rich and fulfilled like the American dream. I feel that The Great Gatsby does not only refer to Gatsby himself but the America dream everyone tries to reach for. It relates to how Gatsby got rich and well known (even though many were rumors). Also Nick described in the end of the novel that before the Island was here there were green land and wide-open space. I feel that he is relating to the American dream and what people see in America when they first come here and explore the land to fulfill their needs as people.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


How did Gatsby turn out all right? What preyed upon him?

I believe that Gatsby turned out not the way he wanted to in the end. I Believe Gatsby wanted to be with Daisy his true love forever but Wilson and the people in his life kind of stopped that from happening. When all of those rumors about Gatsby were going on I think it just made it harder for Gatsby to open up to the people, which made him mysterious for the rest of the book. Even though Gatsby died…I feel he made one good friend whom was nick and I feel he always looked out for him. For example with the funeral and the part in the end of the book and how he made the inference about Gatsby. Nick says that even though Gatsby was lonely and mysterious he fulfilled the American dream and he relates it to the beautiful environment around him because he says when the island was not there, there used to be a lot of green land just like when people first come to America and make a living like Gatsby meeting Daisy and falling in love with her for the first time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The ENd of THE GREAT GAtsby

I think the ending of the book the Great Gatsby would be very dramatic because after defining the title the great Gatsby refers to Gatsby and how he fufilled his American Dream. Ever since i read after chapter 6 when they talk about him meeting Cody, After Cody dies Gatsby get really rich really fast and well becomes mysterious. Gatsby has parties and he is well known for them but still people dont know who he is or his main story. I think Gatsby will Die and have a undiscovered story for the rest of his life because no one exactly knows who Gatsby is or all the facts to him.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Great Gatsby:D GATSBYYY!!!!

My Impression of Gatsby so far throughout the book is that he is kind of awkward. I feel he does not know what true happiness is or what true love is. I feel in the beginning s of the book Gatsby was mysterious, old, and shady, But now from reading chapters 5 and 6 Gatsby seems like he is just a person that never experienced true love and wants to do everything for his love Daisy. I think Gatsby is putting a lot of thought into what he is doing but doesn’t know the difference between love and money. I feel Gatsby is having a hard time communicating with Daisy because they are so different and I feel communication is very important in a relationship.

My opinions on these quotes…

"There's the kind of man you'd like to take home and introduce to your mother and sister." (pg. 72)
I think this quote describes Gatsby in a way since he is so rich that people would love to have them introduce to their family because most people think if you are rich you will never go wrong.

"Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay." (pg. 78)
This quote describes how Gatsby changed and wanted to be closer with daisy. I feel he just wanted to communicate with her and talk to her so he moved next to her because his feeling for her as well.