Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WIRED Magazine~~Gone FOREVER

1. Chris McCandless
2. Jay Gatsby
3. The Narrator

I believe these 3 characters all relate by their characters personality in this story. Chris McCandless in the Story into the wild was a character that was going on a mission to try to go out and explore and no one really knew who he was or where he was from. Unfortunatly he died but he died after doing something he really wanted to do. Jay Gatsby was someone that hid his identity since he was 17 years old and wanted to hide it ever since he wa inspired by seeing a man named Cody on a yaht. The last character (the narrator is from the book The Invisible Man and he is a character that has a deeper meaning then the others because not only is he invisible to te other white men but he can also be described invisible because he lost his identity and he is trying to get it back.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Shed your IDENTITY~~

If I were to shed my Identity for 30 days I would try to keep my self from not being seen by anyone. I would try to stay down low and not get seen. I would wear clothes that cover my face so no one can recognize me. I would try to survive by maybe stealing if that is my only option. I would try to only travel at night because it is dark and then go to sleep in the morning.

Monday, November 30, 2009


American political leader, educator, orator and author.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NEw Marking period #2

1. What went really well for you this past marking period? What was your greatest success--or your most successful strategy? Why? What will you do to continue your success in MP#2?
I felt that what went really well for me then what i had hoped was my themes. I feel that last year i did not try hard enough and i sort of slacked off on my themes. this year i have been getting decent grade on my themes and feel like my writing has improved because i being careful with the extra details, and adding and proofreading. I would not say I had a greatest success with something because that means i did an assignment perfectly without a mistake but i feel i can be proud of my writing because the fact that it is improving.

2. Looking back over MP#1, what do you think you could have done differently? Was a it a project, assignment, or something more general? What will you change in MP#2 to make sure you don't make the same mistake or display the same behavior twice?

I feel that in marking period one i could do something differently would most defiantly be the group project we assigned. In the beginning everyone was thinking of the new alternative ending of the story and making it all work out, Then we had some group disputes because some of the group members wanted to change the idea. I feel that it was a hard project assignment because we are working in a group but because of the new technology we were working with. I feel that it was still my fault not contacting with the group members and not attributing much to the project as i would have liked. I feel next time if there is a group project i will try to plan ahead next time.

3. Take some time and set some goals for MP#2. What do you hope to achive between now and the end of January? Divide you goals into 3 categories: English Class, School in General, and Other. List them below, and for each one create a mini-plan for how you plan to achieve them.

My goals for january are just to finish my college apps before december because i need to write maybe 2~3 more essays. I plan to stay on task on my writing and themes for this year in english and try to be a better writer.

Friday, October 23, 2009

THE Complete end to GATSbyyy~~~

The Great Gatsby

I believe the book is called the Great Gatsby because it is about how Gatsby died and how he was mysterious all his life. I feel that no one really knew who Gatsby was as a person and well no one will ever really know. Gatsby’s life changed ever since he saw Cody the rich man on the Yacht. Gatsby has different intentions for his very own life. After seeing the boat he felt he wanted to change his life and life rich and fulfilled like the American dream. I feel that The Great Gatsby does not only refer to Gatsby himself but the America dream everyone tries to reach for. It relates to how Gatsby got rich and well known (even though many were rumors). Also Nick described in the end of the novel that before the Island was here there were green land and wide-open space. I feel that he is relating to the American dream and what people see in America when they first come here and explore the land to fulfill their needs as people.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


How did Gatsby turn out all right? What preyed upon him?

I believe that Gatsby turned out not the way he wanted to in the end. I Believe Gatsby wanted to be with Daisy his true love forever but Wilson and the people in his life kind of stopped that from happening. When all of those rumors about Gatsby were going on I think it just made it harder for Gatsby to open up to the people, which made him mysterious for the rest of the book. Even though Gatsby died…I feel he made one good friend whom was nick and I feel he always looked out for him. For example with the funeral and the part in the end of the book and how he made the inference about Gatsby. Nick says that even though Gatsby was lonely and mysterious he fulfilled the American dream and he relates it to the beautiful environment around him because he says when the island was not there, there used to be a lot of green land just like when people first come to America and make a living like Gatsby meeting Daisy and falling in love with her for the first time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The ENd of THE GREAT GAtsby

I think the ending of the book the Great Gatsby would be very dramatic because after defining the title the great Gatsby refers to Gatsby and how he fufilled his American Dream. Ever since i read after chapter 6 when they talk about him meeting Cody, After Cody dies Gatsby get really rich really fast and well becomes mysterious. Gatsby has parties and he is well known for them but still people dont know who he is or his main story. I think Gatsby will Die and have a undiscovered story for the rest of his life because no one exactly knows who Gatsby is or all the facts to him.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Great Gatsby:D GATSBYYY!!!!

My Impression of Gatsby so far throughout the book is that he is kind of awkward. I feel he does not know what true happiness is or what true love is. I feel in the beginning s of the book Gatsby was mysterious, old, and shady, But now from reading chapters 5 and 6 Gatsby seems like he is just a person that never experienced true love and wants to do everything for his love Daisy. I think Gatsby is putting a lot of thought into what he is doing but doesn’t know the difference between love and money. I feel Gatsby is having a hard time communicating with Daisy because they are so different and I feel communication is very important in a relationship.

My opinions on these quotes…

"There's the kind of man you'd like to take home and introduce to your mother and sister." (pg. 72)
I think this quote describes Gatsby in a way since he is so rich that people would love to have them introduce to their family because most people think if you are rich you will never go wrong.

"Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay." (pg. 78)
This quote describes how Gatsby changed and wanted to be closer with daisy. I feel he just wanted to communicate with her and talk to her so he moved next to her because his feeling for her as well.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AN UNWAnted Gift??^^

An Unwanted Gift?
Have you ever received a gift you never wanted or asked for? Tell me about the situation. What was it? Who gave it to you? How did you handle it?

One time i got a gift from my friend and she got my a labrador calender for my birthday. Of course she had a yellow lab and her dog rupert was brand new. I never told her i wanted a calender for my birthday and she got me one the next year too because she noticed that I didn't like the labrador calender as much as she did so she got me a calender with a multiple f dogs. She actually bought it online and had it mailed to her house and she even opened the gift before she gave it to me. I was kinda surprised like why are you opening my fricken gift like its my birthday. then my friends dog died from a car accident and she asked me if she could keep the labrador pictures from the calender. We were so different as friends that made us drift apart because we only became friends because of our brothers were friends and born in the same hospital.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what object am i?????

I think i view my self as a deck of cards. I think there are different personalities to me and i like to take chances in life. I like many different things and have different culture backgrounds. I am a korean american so i was raised differently then ow my parents were raised. I think everyone is different and i am different individual as well.I think since there are 52 cards in a deck i can be viewed differently to each any every different person.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Do I Want to Become?

I want to become a person that could be there for children. I want to get to know children and have a relationship with them that is special. I want to be a person that is fair and gives chances. The person i do not want to be is a teacher that yells at there students and tries to prove them wrong. I had teachers in the past that were not very nice or just not very fair. I think teachers should be fair but still should give students more chances. I believe a teacher can't do this then they can't be a very good teacher and pretty much end up not having communication with that student. I think teachers should build friendships with their students and communication so they can understand each and every individual so that everyone feels special and part of the class. I believe it doesn't really matter on what age the student is but the special relationship you have with that child. In my oppinion it is hard to have realtionships with children that are at younger age because it is harder to relate and harder to talk to. Even though it maybe hard teachers should find out their likes and dislikes to have conversations with the child because everyone is different. I want to become a teacher that is there for children not only to help them learn but to change there life by having a special relationship with each and every student. Then when the student's go to high school or college i want to hear things like remember teacher so and so... I want to be remembered as the fair teacher that helped the students learn but not just any learning but things they could remember the rest of their lives.

Who I am

I define myself as a person that is outgoing and talks well with others. I can make people laugh and make small jokes and start small conversations. I do not like to be shy because it is just not who i am. I am not a person who is a fast learner but I am always willing to learn if i have the opportunity. I have interest in traveling because I really want to go around the world someday and explore new cultures, whether it maybe music, fashion, food, or anything that is unique to me. I have very big interest in classical and jazz music that deals with playing the piano.In my younger years I would be interested in piano and i always participated in recitals every year. Ones time i had a recital coming up but i did not practice at all. It was a few days till the recital was coming up and i did not know how to play my pieces perfectly at all. I thought to myself if i don't know how to play these two pieces wont i make a fool out of my self. So i practices hard for about 2 or 3 days and got the pieces down. The recital day finally came and played my pieces and make made 1 or 2 mistakes. The point of this story is not because i made only one or two mistakes but the fact that i need to realize to do things that are important or ahead of time or i will get no where. I thought this was important to me finishing a task or something important makes yourealized you actually done something not only because it needed to be done but actually finishing something and being proud that you are done.