Friday, January 29, 2010

Books that catch my attention

Personally, I am not a big fan when it comes to books and reading them. I have a hard time finishing a book because the fact that they can be factual but boring, and honestly very long. I believe when I was a kid however books that caught my attention were books with big pictures and and large letters. I realized that all my life I never really read books for pleasure so I have a hard time reading in general. I am a big person for magazines probably because of the pictures. I feel that a book at times does appeal to me by its cover but even since reading most of the books in highschool i lost interest in reading for quite some time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Semester:D Reflection and resolution~!!!

1. What went really well last marking period was actually the discussions we had every wednesday about the novel Invisible Man and it helped me understand parts that I was struggling in. I really grasped the book well by talking to my peers and, got a deeper meaning of the book. To continue to have the same successes is just keep doing what I did and just talk about the book with the peers around me to understand everything in the novel.

2. I feel I want to write themes differently and have better revisions for myself. I actually want more people to revise my theme so it is a better theme overall. What I would change for the 2nd semester is just taking more time with my theme and just having the best revision possible.

3. My resolution for the next semester is not to procrastinate on my reading and not to wait till the last minute because it is hard not to because we only have 2 marking periods left.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Invisible Man Reflection!!!

1. From reading the novel Invisible Man, Self Realization came to play when the Narrator talked about himself actually being the Invisible Man. In the beginning the Narrator mentions that he is trapped in a basement and it is really dark. When it comes close to the end of the novel the Narrator is revealed that he was ended up stuck where he was and it was a flashback that was being explained all along. Also the author was called the Invisible Man because he was never perceived the same way as the white people which made the Narrator really sad, even though he was a well educated black man. This story explained a lot about how the passed was like for african americans and also what the Narrator went through as the story progressed until he was back where he had started.

2. In my life my personal reach for myself is that I know my identity by seeing how i react around people and just by meeting new people. I figure out my personality more and more everyday and it never stops because I change a little bit more everyday. I feel that i am different from everyday else just like the Invisible Man and i feel i can relate because their is more to come and so i will never know my future because their is a goal but for not it is invisible in my eyes. I believe I am at a really important stage in my life where i kind of need to know my future and need to have something drawn out in my head. I feel that going to college is very important and also getting a proficient education is very significant as well. I feel that in my life right now there are a lot of bad decisions I could be making but I am taking the rode less traveled so it makes all the difference.