Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Experience that impact our decisions.

I believe our experiences impact on our decisions because when you experience things you make mistakes or you try to make what’s best of something. I believe when people make decisions in their own lives they try not to make the same mistakes and learn from past experiences and what they have done to change their future. I believe that these decisions impact on our lives because when someone makes the same mistake over and over again, the person does not consider this mistake an issue but just something that does not really matter to them. When I was younger in my child years I told my friends I had everything I wanted and told them that I could do things that I really couldn’t. I told them I could do cartwheels, flips, ride a bike really well, and like even swimming really fast. I used to say these things but when it came down to actually trying to prove myself I really could not do any of these things. Then around 1st grade I realized that it is not a good thing to lie to your friends because really you make friends by showing who you really are and they really are supposed to like you for you. It was a past experience and I believe that it was something that I did learn and as I grew up I really was able to be around people I really enjoy being around.
I feel like Chris McCandless died with no regrets or sadness because he did what he wanted and lived his life to the fullest of his abilities.