Monday, March 1, 2010

R.A.F.T #2

Twitter Conversation
Lessons Learned...

Me: Hey Che!!!!!!!~

Che: Hey Sonya!
How are you today??
What do you want to talk about?

Me: I want to talk about...hmm
Let’s see
Why are you going to South America???
What is your main purpose for this trip?
How do you think it will benefit your life in any way?

Che: I think that this trip will open up a new door for me. I feel that it will be an opportunity for me to go out and try all different kinds of new things.

Me: I feel that you are going through something more than just a journey. It almost seems like a waste of time but it’s all about the experience. What is your specific goal in going all around South America before you die? I feel that you do not have a good reason to go all around the country. For what? Meeting new strangers you have met before.

Che: It’s more than just that... I am more interested in meeting the people because of the culture around them. I want to learn and experience something new before I die. I feel that a desire or a want that you cannot take away.
Me: But, still don't you want to go more all around different countries other than South America. I feel that you would get to see more than just what you are experiencing.

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